Vancouver, BC, Canada

Welcome Aboard! After traveling from one side of the country to the other, I am finally onboard! The trip was long but with few bumps in the road. Airport security and Canadian Customs were pretty merciful which was a definite plus. My body is still trying to compensate for the 3 hour time difference from home but I’ll adjust. Our ship – SS Universe Explorer – is large and is truly a floating campus. It is complete with library, pool and fitness area, student union, theater, classrooms, and all the other creature comforts a college student needs. My cabin is, thankfully, one of the larger ones on the ship, though certainly not THE biggest. It’s larger than my previous dorm rooms but it also houses myself and my two roommates: Tom and Alex. Even though it’s just the first day, I can tell we’ll get along and do fine.

The food is typical dining hall cuisine, though without the selection I’m used to at BU. I have managed to navigate the maze of corridors and stairwells that make up the ship fairly well. I’ve at least located where most of my classrooms are and many of the key places to know. There is ertainly a different feel to this place; it’s a far cry from the sprawling city campus of Boston. Though it’s pretty close quarters with the roughly 610 students and many faculty and staff and adult passengers that are accompanying us, there are many places to just sit and enjoy the view and to take in the experience.

Getting settled, lifeboat drills, and an orientation session are orders of the day this afternoon. And in just about an hour we will finally be shoving off and heading out into the vast blue waters of the Pacific and an experience that will change my life.

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