4 Days from Japan

As the first week aboard the SS Universe Explorer has come and gone, the anticipation rises as we continue to get closer and closer to our first port of call: Kobe, Japan. The shipboard community is really starting to take form. There is no longer so much of the apprehension and nervousness that came with the newness of the first few days. Groups for class, clubs, and other friendships are being created out of the simple “Hi my name is _____ and I go to school at _____ and my mjaor is _____” conversations that were pretty much the entire range of discussion over the past week.

Anticipation is rising as we progress on our journey. Most of us still can’t believe that we’ll actually be in Japan on Friday and seeing things that we’ve only read about or seen pictures of in textbooks. To see first-hand what I only imagined up until this point is going to be beyond amazing for me. I can’t wait!

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