Still in Hong Kong

Last night I went to the Night Market here in Hong Kong. From 7:30pm till after midnight sometime dozens and dozens of shops are set up along a single street offering only about a 5 foot aisle down which to walk. The shops offer almost anything you could want from purses to watches to clothes to electronics to toys to almost anything else. Haggling is a must. Regardless of how fair you think the price is you are expected to at least try to get it cheaper. My “best buy” was a royal blue traditional-style Chinese shirt with silvery dragons and things on it. The shopkeeper wanted 185 Hong Kong Dollars for it and I got him down to 130 (basically from about $23.84(USD) down to $16.75). I am planning on wearing it to the Ambassador’s Ball (our big dance in Nov. sometime) and you can see pictures of me in it then. For now, I’ll just keep you in suspense.

Today I slept in. I’ve pretty much just been bumming around the ship and relaxing since I did a lot of walking yesterday. Tomorrow classes begin again for the 2 days before Vietnam. So I think it’s a good time to get some rest in before my big trip to Cambodia next Monday through Wednesday. That trip is the one I’ve been looking most forward to and I’m sure it will be one of the most memorable experiences of this voyage. If you want to have an idea of where I’ll be in Cambodia, check out <> and look at the article for the Temples of Angkor from the August 2000 issue or the outside view of a large temple surrounded by water about 2/3 of the way through “Tomb Raider.” I will, of course, send pictures along sometime afterwards so you can see what I’ve seen.

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