Between Malaysia and India

Hey Everyone! Sorry I haven’t written too much lately. We’ve been hopping from port to port and life’s been full of classes and little free time lately. And the trend continues. Papers and midterms are quickly coming up and exhaustion from our pace is hitting everyone pretty hard. But we’re all having a great time!!!

In Penang, Malaysia I toured a number of religious sites and saw the extremely open and tolerant nature of religion and its diverse expressions. The next day I was there I hiked Penang Hill. They call it a hill but I beg to differ. It was a grueling 4 hour hike through the forest-covered mountain. The temperature was about 95 and the humidity was up there too. By the time I reached the top there wasn’t a dry spot to be found on my body or clothes. It was rough, it was hot, and it was a lot of fun! But no matter how much fun that was, I am glad for the month between now and when I hike Table Mountain in Cape Town to rest.

My final day in Malaysia was spent at the Wesley Methodist Church in Penang. I had seen it on our way to and from Penang “Hill” and decided I’d stop by. I got a tour and sat in on their Senior Fellowship time. After refreshments and some mingling a couple of their members offered to drive my friend and I around the island of Penang some and drop us off at the ship afterwards. It was a lot of fun and it felt good to be around such loving people. I gave in to my American taste buds though and went to Pizza Hut for some stuffed-crust and breadsticks. What they laughingly call pizza onboard wasn’t as good as I like and I needed to have something I knew at the onset would taste good; and it did!

Well, I have to head to class now so I will end it here for the time being. I wish all you who have papers and midterms the best of luck and I wish I could be there to suffer through it with you. I hope you all are doing great and I look forward to seeing you when I can. Until after India…

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