Mombasa, Kenya

Midterms have been taken, papers written, and we have arrived in Africa! Finally, my first real break since after Vietnam. We were given a day off this past week to celebrate crossing the equator (which actually happened a couple of days later) but I spent much of that time doing research for a paper and studying for another midterm. But that is now all finished and I am free to experience our first stop on a new continent.

After classes were finished yesterday the ship received a call from Sir Arthur C. Clarke – author of “2001: A Space Odyssey” – that was routed through the PA system so we could all ask questions and hear what he had to say. He lives in Columbo, Sri Lanka and has been a lecturer more than a few times on previous SAS trips. He had good wishes and kind words to share with us all and it was a pretty cool opportunity. We received confirmation the other day of another amazing opportunity. Bishop Desmond Tutu has agreed to come aboard to meet with us once we reach Cape Town. We’re still waiting on word from Fidel but we’re pretty confident that he’ll agree as well.

Well, I have two more days in Mombasa before I head out to the Tsavo National Park for my safari. Today I spent on the ship relaxing and giving myself a long-needed break before heading out on the town tomorrow and the next day. So, I think I’ll stop here for now and write more after I’ve done more interesting things than relaxing and taking some time for myself. Until then…

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