Kenya: Day 2

Today was amazing! I was semi-conscious around quarter to 9 this morning when an anouncement was made over the PA system that anyone who was deserted was to report to Purser’s Square (a central meeting place on the ship) to meet Lloyd – our executive dean. Now, my closest friends had left the first morning for their week-long safaris to Tanzania and so I really didn’t have anyone to hang out with. I was planning on spending some time with Lloyd at some point anyway so I rushed to get dressed and I went down to meet him. It turned out that one of the girls on the ship wasn’t going on a safari at all and he decided that he would rent a driver and safari van from our tour company and take her on a game drive through a game reserve. It turned out to be one of the famous “Lloyd Trips” that are so much fun. And then he invited the rest of us along (there were 8 of us total including the driver). So off we went on our own mini-safari! He ended paying for our entry fee (not cheap) and a light lunch at the lodge over-looking a watering hole where the occasional animal could be spotted. When all was said and done we saw 6 giraffes, 5 elephants (including a bull elephant that was ready to charge the van if we got any closer), a herd of water buffalo, some eagles, and a bunch of antelopes here and there. It was a great time!

After our return I went out to the vendors that camp out at the ship and did some business. I bought some things to add to my collection of cups/bowls and utensils from every country and I traded my hat for a drum. All in all I was quite successful. I’m really enjoying Africa; and there’s still so much left to do!

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