Enroute to South Africa

Kenya was amazing! I absolutely loved it and I will definitely try my best to go back some day. My safari was wonderful. We had two days of game drives and saw tons of animals and beautiful countryside at Tsavo East. The night before I left to go on the safari I watched “The Ghost and the Darkness” which is set in Tsavo. I thought the man-eating lions were an appropriate subject for pre-safari entertainment. Unfortunately, I didn’t see any lions or rhinos or hippos but I saw tons of elephants and gazelles and giraffes and many others. It was really cool!

I can’t think of much else to say at this point. Today is my one real day off until the Ambassador’s Ball after S. Africa. While everyone is competing in the Sea Olympics today, I’m watching movies and hanging out with friends and basically just enjoying myself. I’ve shut my brain off for the day and so, I have nothing else to report for now. I’ll update you all again after Cape Town on my adventures there!

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