Atlantic Ocean: Day 8, Salvador Tomorrow!

Hello once again from little ol’ me traveling around this great big world of ours! A lot has been going on in the week since Cape Town. This past Saturday, the 16th, we had our Ambassador’s Ball – the equivalent of a prom. We all got dressed up and showed off our fancy purchases and tailor-made outfits from Vietnam and other countries. I had a really great time. I love getting dressed up and spending time with such good friends.

Classes are starting to wind down. My first final is on the Tuesday after Brazil and my last will be a week later on the 3rd of December. Wow, finals already! I know many of you must be quite jealous since you still have another month or so before you get to be home with your families for the holidays. Thanksgiving is coming up next week! It’s hard to imagine that it’s already that close! Being out here on the ocean and running around in various ports, gaining an hour here and there, and not really having any time off so to speak it’s really hard to keep track of what day of the week it is any more, let alone what holidays are coming up. The only holidays I know of at this point that are coming up is that tomorrow is something like “Black Awareness Day” in Brazil. But I’m sure there will be a big “to do” onboard for Thanksgiving. From what I understand, we will not go without the traditional turkey with all the fixings. Granted, it will be served buffet style with around 750-800 other people but it will be nice in its own way.

I’m getting ready to be done. Senioritis is certainly kicking in for me. Traveling the world has taken a lot out of me mentally, emotionally, and physically and I’m just ready to be finished with classes and be home where I can just crash for awhile before heading back into the thick of things for my final semester at BU. This has been an amazing trip and I want to see more of the world. My only comment would be that I’m ready to be home. It’s been hard to be so detached from family and friends and because of all of the demands that come with traveling the way that I am with the constant routine of class and port I am ready for some time off. Brazil and Cuba – aside from the possibility of meeting with Castro, still uncertain – were not high on my list of countries I was looking forward to visiting. I pretty much have no expectations for either of them at this point and so, it’s somewhat bad to say but, I’m not that excited about them. Or perhaps it would be better to say that I am looking more forward to being home, meeting Garrett and being back with the familiar again for awhile. Bebo Norman – one of my favorite musicians whom I highly reccomend – wrote a song on his newest CD – that I picked up in Cape Town of all places! – that really spoke to me as to this feeling of wanting to be home. It says: “Yesterday it seems/ I traveled in a younger man’s clothes/ living out this dream/ and wandering through fields of touch and go/ moving on forever/ watching the distance fade away/ but now I just want to land…where the trees stand still.” But Brazil is tomorrow! I have pretty much no expectations of what it will bring. I know it will amaze me just as all the other ports have, each in their own way. I need to let go of the desire to be around the familiar, “where the faces look the same most every day,” and be open to what these next five days have to teach me about Brazil, its people, its culture, its history, and about myself. I will be amazed again!

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