March 14, 2005

I am about to take a step I have never taken before. I have been in foreign countries before and I have even spent some time alone in some of them. I’ve flown cross-country by myself and I’ve lived on my own quite successfully for some time now. But today, while similar, is quite different.

Once again, two and a half years later, I am in the Syracuse airport waiting for a flight that will lead me to a far away place, a place to which I have never been. Semester at Sea took me around the world to twelve different countries, and it was awesome. In many ways, that trip defined my life. While I feel the excitement and anticipation of travel abroad, there’s something else there today, something significant.

I am on my way to London and Northern Ireland for a week of vacation, history, and escape from my day-to-day life. In the 4-5 months that I’ve been planning this trip I’ve felt quite excited and anxious to go. Now, I’m glad to be here and on my way but there is a touch of anxiety that I’m traveling with. I’m alone. It’s not related, directly, with my singleness but I’m somewhat nervous to travel by myself. There’s freedom and flexibility with it but there is no one to lean on, no one to share this adventure with.

For the next week, I am totally independant and on my own in a way I’ve never been before now. It’s exciting, it really is. As uneasy as I may feel because of the newness of the experience, I am filled with this deeper sense of meaning and purpose. And I’m not sure what it is. I was talking with a friend of mine yesterday and she shared with me that she had the same feeling about this, that it is going to be a very special time for me and filled with amazing things.

Visiting the place where my family comes from as well as spending time in a world-class city are going to be a part of the wide range of experiences I’ll have and will bring a depth to my time that I cannot yet perceive. Something wonderful is about to happen…

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