March 19, 2005

My time in Ireland is nearly at an end. While one more day might have proved to be good – as I haven’t gotten to a couple of places I’d hoped to get – the timing feels right for me to go. I missed seeing the Giant’s Causeway and didn’t make it to Old Bushmills (the oldest licensed whiskey distillery in the world) to get a shot glass for Chris, but I crossed a rope bridge, found Tommy, and enjoyed my time in a far away land. They say that regret is nothing but a waste of energy and time and will leave you no better off. And so, while there are a few choices that I mistook, what’s done is done and my experience isn’t lessened for it.

I’ll soon be on to Belfast once again and then to London before I hop on a plane for home on Monday. Soon I shall be chasing the sunset on my way home. Ireland will be missed but I must come back. I haven’t even left Portrush yet and I know that I shall someday return.

I have gained a new confidence from these days though much uncertainty remains. Though, through this experience I know more clearly that whatever may come for me, all will be well.

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