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Coming off of an unusual weekend where I had Saturday off, worked Sunday, had Monday off, and am back to work again today, I haven’t gotten back up to full speed quite yet. With three events over the next three weeks and another day of shooting interviews this Saturday, I feel like I’m already getting a bit drained.

I am what is considered a “creative professional” which encompasses design-oriented fields and basically all things visual. After completing a pretty detail intensive project last month we switched gears into duplicating 3,000 copies of it for our client. It was a nice change of pace, a way to unwind from focusing on all of the ins and outs of such a technical product. However, that too, began to bog me down with the repetition of loading the disk printer and stuffing the mailers and packing the mailers into boxes and on and on. We then had a job for 500 copies of another project – just the duplication – and we’re expecting the arrival of the master for yet another 200 disks this week. We’ve been archiving a local history video series – for which we’ve been producing new editions – and I’ve been typing in the content for the wraps and inserting the thumbnails of the subjects.

That coupled with the event work we have coming up for most of this month hasn’t been getting me all that excited, to be honest. I need to be creative or at least have the creative areas of my brain stimulated for me to feel motivated and productive. The past couple of weeks haven’t really gone towards helping in that area – aside from the afternoon of shooting outside of NYC and redesigning the website for a youth group I work with.

I assume that other creative people find themselves in this situation as well; it’s probably true in one form or another in any profession/interest area/what-have-you. Things are great when you are doing what you enjoy, what you were meant to do and when you do the things you have to do that aren’t necessarily what you enjoy, you are left feeling drained rather than rejuvenated.

At least, that’s where I’m at right now.

  • jockeystreet

    I’m with you. I’ve heard myself saying to my staff on more than one occasion lately, “has it ever occured to you that this whole work thing is a crock?” I like my job, like the things we accomplish, but, man, I hate going in every day and going through that same seemingly pointless routine, pushing forms, signing lines. And I find it’s probably worst when I’m feeling most creative in other areas. When I’ve spent an evening recording a few songs on a four-track, but haven’t been able to work out a little piece here or there, I find myself not caring at all about the work I’m doing in the office, thinking, on some level, “I’ve got much more important things to attend to” and humming the line of that song. The creative process wants to be first in all things.

    October 4, 2006 at 7:01 am

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