Patrick Di Fruscia

Lately I’ve been making a real effort to find examples of beautiful photography of all sorts. As dreary as it’s been around here these past few weeks – you may have heard of all the snow we’ve been getting in Oswego County, NY – I’ve been desperate to find inspiration, color, and life.

Today’s search was all about landscape photography and I didn’t have to look too far before I found the work of Canadian photographer Patrick Di Fruscia. After a chance assignment at work, Patrick “realized that this was an art form that would enable me to express my inner feelings about the world around me” which soon “became an insatiable desire to record the beauty of nature. The camera soon became the perfect medium to express my feelings.”

And let me say what a breathtaking job he is doing! Each gallery is full of images that touch your heart and draw you into another world, one filled with peace and beauty. Nicely done.

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