PSWorld Portrait Tip

This tip comes from Scott Kelby’s Killer Tips for Photographers class at Photoshop World. He also showed it to viewers on last week’s Photoshop TV.

Though I added a few steps before the final output, here’s basically what I did to turn an ordinary photo that my friend Kevo took of our friend Al into something a little more dramatic. (If you know another way, I’d love to hear it. I just love this effect.):

  • Duplicate your background layer twice.
  • Change the blend mode of the middle layer to Screen and the top layer to either Soft Light or Color Burn (which ever looks better)
  • Adjust the opacity of the upper layers until you get your desired color balance
  • Flatten the image, or stamp visible (Ctrl+Shift+Alt+E)
  • Add some noise and then sharpen it
  • Duplicate the layer and change the blend mode to Multiply.
  • Make a rectangular selection around most of the image and then feather it at least 100 pixels and hit Delete

Give it a try.

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