On The Road Again…

I’m out of town today shooting interviews and gathering footage for another installment of a series of videos for one of our clients. Depending on how we work things, it’s looking like I’ll be in the car for at least 9 hours for about 2 hours of work for a 3min video.

We’re starting in Lake Placid – about 4 hours from home – and then driving to Cornwall, ON – roughly 2 hours from there – and then either back home (a little over 3 hours) or, if we carpool, back to Lake Placid before heading home – which would make it an even 12 hours if we did that. Whatever the duration, the 6am departure isn’t fun.

Because we have a schedule to keep, I doubt I’ll have a chance to get any shots in Lake Placid this time around. But I’ll be back with tomorrow’s Friday Tips!

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