Geographic Composition

In response to my post from yesterday fellow blogger Jon Erikson, of San Miguel Photo of the Day, emailed me with a great suggestion for a collaborative photo project. He suggested that we develop a list of topics and each week the photographers involved would submit a new photo based on their interpretation of the topic for me to post here (I’m thinking on Fridays).

The part that I like is having photographers from all over offering a perspective from different cultures. Certainly me, being from the Northeast US, will have a different take than Jon in Mexico, which would be different still from someone from the Midwest or West Coast of the US, and even more so from someone in Europe, Asia, Australia, etc. The juxtaposition of the multiple views of the selected topic could be really interesting.

Right now, we have me and Jon and I would like to invite members of the blogroll and regular visitors to consider taking part. Without going overboard with the number of people, I’d like to get a broad spectrum of photographers involved from as many regions as possible (both US and, especially, non-US). Email me if you are willing to join us and post a comment here with ideas for topics you’d like to see and possible names for the project.

Thanks again, Jon, for the suggestion! And I look forward to getting things off the ground!

  • Amy

    Jason, this sounds like a lot of fun! I’d be interested in doing this. I’ll send you an email to formally let you know. In the meantime, just wanted to comment that it’s great seeing your blog grow and mature. You’ve got a wonderful blend of news and other things to share here.

    July 13, 2007 at 3:30 pm

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