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Lately, for work and for fun, I’ve been making my way around a few interesting and helpful sites.


Brusheezy is a site I first heard of via Scott Kelby back in July. They have a wide collection of custom Photoshop brushes and patterns that you can download absolutely FREE! I could spend a whole day just going through and grabbing brush sets.


Kuler’s been out for awhile now but I’ve only just started playing with it and, for someone who loves color and develops color schemes for websites, videos, and other projects every day, it’s been a great source for ideas and inspiration.


Back in June I received an email inviting me to join the Adobe Acrobat User Community. Though it’s not NAPP for Acrobat, there’s a community forum where you can search for, ask, and answer topics on any aspect of Acrobat, Reader, and working with PDFs. I just finished producing a large scale PDF project for a client in New Jersey and after watching a bunch of videos – with my free month of Acrobat training on – I felt pretty confident with the new features of Acrobat 8 Pro. But, as always, issues do arise and you need a place to go for help and I found a number of answers just by searching through the forum.

Now, there were a couple of questions I had that I posted and have yet to hear a response on. For one, I figured out my own work-around – and posted it – but for the other, I’m still waiting. It’s not that active of a community yet, but it’s a good place to start for those who work with Acrobat.

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