It’s Time To Upgrade


I know I may be a little behind in upgrading but we‘ve had a number of other needs over the past few months that took priority.

One of our clients just contacted me out of the blue about redesigning one of their websites so we decided to go ahead and make the move to Photoshop CS3 Extended.

I was a CS3 Beta user earlier this year and loved the new features. I’m really looking forward to using Smart Filters again, above all, but I’m also excited to once again have the Auto Align/Auto Blend options as well as the ability to import and edit video frames as stacks and getting to use ACR 4.2.

Thanks to NAPP for the 15% discount on all Adobe products! If you’re not a NAPP member, do it now!

 …I’ll wait…

You’ll get so much training, so many discounts, and the community forums and networking opportunities are amazing! So go to the NAPP site and sign up! And be sure to mention my name as your referral.

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