Stacks of Rocks


For those of you who have visited our wedding photo gallery you may have noticed these shots, but they were odd enough that I thought they deserved a little explanation. That is, as much explanation as I could offer. On the last day of our honeymoon, Kim and I went back to the site of our wedding РTaughannock Falls State Park in the Finger Lakes of NY State Рand wandered down the trail to see the main falls.

Along the way, we saw some great scenery and a stump that, when viewed from the right angle, looks like a heart – also in the gallery. But more remarkable than any of that was the series of stacked rocks set up all over the place. Stranger still, just before arriving at the bridge to the observation area for the falls you come across hundreds of these rock formations scattered all over the place. Some are so small you could miss them, others are so large, it must’ve taken a couple of people to lift and place the stones. Some are just stacks of stones and others required some interesting braces and counter-balancing to keep the pieces stable.

Who knows who put these in place? Too extensive and complicated for some playful kids. Was it an artist making a large scale sculpture? Or some college kids with too much time on their hands? Cool nonetheless. And it gave Kim some ideas for lesson plans.



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