Barry Lobdell

“After Sunset in the Adirondacks” – Barry Lobdell

One of Kim and my favorite things to do when we have the right combination of time and nice weather – both rarities sometimes – is to take a day trip to one of the many beautiful locales of New York State and go for a hike or otherwise enjoy what our home state has to offer. With that idea in mind, I began to look around for some inspiration and did a quick search for “Adirondack photography” to see what I might find. Sometimes it’s hard to remember that there are places worth shooting here in NY because I get so used to looking at my everyday world and forget to notice what makes this part of the country and world so unique.

So, in my searching I came across the photography of Barry Lobdell, a resident of Saranac Lake in the northern part of the Adirondack Mountains – not far from Lake Placid, NY for you Winter Olympics enthusiasts. I was immediately struck by the beauty of his work from both the Adirondacks as well as his work focussed on other parts of the Northeast US and abroad.

From his artists statement:

My photography regularly runs in two convergent veins, the natural landscape and the cultural landscape.

In responding to the natural landscape, whether in my home region of the Adirondack Mountains or in some other place, my goal is to capture the emotional and spiritual substance of the moment, as inspired by the always changing environmental conditions around me.

Photographing the cultural landscape presents different challenges and rewards than those found in the natural world alone. The impact of man on the natural scene is undeniable. At times inspiring, beautiful, destructive, maddening, or even humorous, mans’ influence is omnipresent in the world around us. My work within the cultural landscape centers on the creations of man, which ensure our isolation even as they link us with nature.

Truly inspirational! For more of his work click here.

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