One Month and Counting


(I added the shot above* so I could still get away with posting personal stuff and still call this a Photoshop & Photography site.)

Today Kim and I hit the one month mark of our married journey! It’s been a tough one, schedule and stress wise, because Kim is finishing up her final semester of classes working toward her Masters in Art Education at Syracuse University with all of the craziness that comes with that and I’m just about done with a full work schedule that’s kept me extremely busy since late July.

Kim’s been writing papers, developing lessons for a workshop she teaches on Saturdays, working on an art show for her students last weekend, and putting together her student-teaching application along with working and trying to sleep and get over being sick.

It’s been our busiest fall ever, which is good for cashflow but taxing all the same. We have another big event this weekend in Rochester but then things settle down for the holidays and I’ll actually get to have normal hours in the office and be able to start spending some more time with my wife – I love saying that!

Because of working last weekend and with Kim’s class schedule we’ve come to a somewhat unfamiliar set of circumstances where we find ourselves at a time when both of us have the same day off! So we get to celebrate our first month-iversary together with a day of relaxing and just being together. It’s long overdue and we both really need some down time.

So, I’m off to enjoy the day with my wife!

*Taken at one of the stops on our honeymoon at Chateau LaFayette Reneau in Hector, NY on Seneca Lake, part of the Finger Lakes Wine Trail.

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