A Couple of Interesting Links

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve come across two blogs of note that I felt should be shared with you, my loyal readers.

The first comes via David Ziser and it is a site by photographer John Harrington called Assignment Construct. On his blog, John – a pro photographer working in Washington, D.C. – walks us through his process from concept to capture for every shoot featured. He will often show images of his setup and explain his rationale for lighting, camera angles, and composition. It’s really cool to take a behind-the-scenes, into-the-mind-of-a-pro look at a shoot.

The second site comes via Jenny Arnez¬†and is a site by Andrew Leigh called The Creative Instinct. Here, Andrew hopes “to inspire people to follow their creative instincts more effectively and more enjoyably by offering the personal development tools to do so.” He talks of setting priorities, thinking differently, and offers insights into how you might jump start after being in a rut.

Take a look!

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