Thanks Scott!

I wrote a couple of weeks ago that Friend-of-the-Blog Scott Kelby was looking for help in developing the new introduction to volume two of his excellent Digital Photography Book. He enticed the loyal readers of his blog with promises of full-conference passes to Photoshop World and signed copies of said book to those commentors who offer suggestions that actually make him rewrite the intro and/or give ideas that he uses.

Well, Scott has posted the results and, as you can probably guess from my post title and the fact that I’m writing about it at all, he used one of mine! I suggested, along with a couple of others who must think like I do, that he should include some sort of online video component to the intro. I pointed him to a video project we did for an early childhood development program at one of our local libraries that actually taught kids how a book works. It’s inspired by another video called The Medieval Helpdesk that talks about making the transition from scrolls to books.

Congratulations to the other recipients of signed books and the two lucky ones to get full-conference passes.

Thanks again, Scott!

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