Profile Reflections #5

What is your favorite piece of photo or computer equipment (other than your camera)?
This one is pretty self explanatory. I mean, come on, do I really need to come up with a witty comment for this one? Though I guess you can find some good gift ideas.

  • “It has to be Lightroom, no question. It’s a real photographer’s tool.” – Mike Holley
  • “70 – 200 L 2.8 IS lens” – Amy Archer
  • “Does the Video Ipod count? I LOVE that thing! It’s my portable entertainment system away from home when I travel. I watch my movies and videos, listen to music; I’ve even done impromptu slide presentations on it.” –Clayton Spangler
  • “My Expo Disk.” – Mike McHugh
  • “My Epson R2400 Printer. I love it.” – Matt Kloskowsksi
  • “Nikon SB-26 speedlight.” – David Hobby
  • “My tripod.” – Lynda Walldez
  • “Duct tape. I always find a use for it on shoots. One time I taped a strobe to a tree because I was frustrated with it’s stand.” – Joey Lawrence
  • “It’s a tie between my MacBook Pro and my Wacom Tablet.” – Justin Seeley
  • “I would have to say it’s my Tamrac Adventure 9 photo backpack. I was always leaving my SLR behind on business trips because I couldn’t fit it in my computer backpack. Now I have the best of both worlds, It is a great system that let’s me take my laptop, a digital SLR, three to four lenses, and a bunch of accessories with me on the plane. The best part though is that it is slim enough that I can slide it under the seat in front of me so I can access the computer during flights.” – Jeff Revell
  • “My off camera flash/lighting equipment (thanks to Strobist)” – Tom Moore
  • “The camera manual.” – Chris Orwig
  • “Right now it is my camera backpack that I am bringing to market in a few months. I have been working on this product for over two years, and I am so excited to start selling it soon.” – Andy Biggs
  • “I love Wacom tablets, though I’m sorry to say that my job keeps me in email far more than it lets me stretch my legs in Photoshop. That said, I find a tablet invaluable for any kind of drawing or retouching work.” – John Nack
  • “Spiderlite TD5” – Terry White
  • “I think the iPhone is a great tool for photographers/bloggers on the go. I find that I’m doing a much better job of keeping up with email, monitoring my web sites, and communicating with clients and coworkers. Plus, it’s absolutely great for showing off photos, uploading images directly to Flickr, watching videos, and oh yeah, it’s a good music player too.” – Derrick Story
  • “My graphics tablet.” – Jennifer Farley
  • “Wow! That’s tough one – it’s like I like the whole gear bag – but I do tend to lean towards wide angle lenses.  Computer wise, I like the big screen monitors.  I’m currently using a Dell 24” wide screen monitor, but boy, that Dell 30 “incher” looks pretty cool.” – David Ziser
  • “Right now it has to be Photomatix Pro.  I love HDR, the over done grunge images and the photo realistic, it does not matter.  It’s been fun going back to raw images, that were flat and uninteresting, and spicing them up.  Now I try to shoot with HDR conversion in mind.  My daily routine does not afford me the opportunities to shoot at peak times a lot, so HDR in my opinion is a creative masterpiece.” – Mike Palmer
  • “I guess that would have to be my ultra wide angle lens (10-22 mm).  At heart I love being out in and photographing the landscape and this is an ideal piece of kit for capturing and showing it off.  It can also be used at close quarters to present a unique perspective of common items.” – Stephen Waterfall
  • “My Mac, of course. Adobe Lightroom is the coolest, and I’m always trying out new Photoshop actions.” – Doug Stremel
  • “I really like my Wacom Intuos3 6”x8” graphics tablet, though, a widescreen version would be nice.” – Jason D. Moore
  • “Apple display.” – Andy Smith
  • “That is easy: Epson 4800 printer. It is the most important piece of equipment in the house.” – Dave Beckerman
  • “My belt-based camera “bag” from Think Tank Photo. I have access to all my lenses and can switch them so fast that it’s amazing.” – Ben Willmore
  • “Mac 17-inch PowerBook.” – Aaron Johnson
  • “My Canon EF 85mm f/1.2L lens.” – Kathleen Connally
  • “My Epson 2200 printer.” – Paul Politis
  • “My Expodisc.” – Bruce L. Snell
  • “OK, you knew I was going to say Photoshop right? However, right behind that is Lightroom, and behind that is iPhoto (it’s better than you’d think).” – Scott Kelby
  • “My printer Epson 2100 with carbon pigment inks.” – Richard Vanek
  • “My Mac and Cinema Display. For photo equipment, probably my 80-200 Nikkor zoom. Typically my favorite shots come from it.” – Michael Snell
  • “That must be my homemade shift-lens made from an enlarger-lens, a body-cap, some black plastic from a garbage-bag and a rubber band. ” – Martin Andreasen
  • “It is not equipment per se but I would have to say Photoshop” – Jim Larimer
  • “Public computers are cool.” – Eduardo Angel and Timothy Campbell
  • “It’s going to sound strange, but probably the L bracket (Really Right Stuff) that lets me switch from portrait to landscape on my tripod in a flash. It’s great.” – Dave Cross

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