Profile Reflections #10

What talent would you most like to have?
Photography, and most other creative endeavors, are about expression and communication. I found it very interesting – though probably not that surprising – that when asked about desired talents, the vast majority of those profiled said they would like to have a talent for music or for languages. Whether it’s expressing emotion or creating through music, or being able to reach others through their native words, there’s something about communicating that seems to be ingrained in the creative personality.

  • “If I could be a great novelist, I wouldn’t have to walk around the city on cold days with a camera…” – Paul Politis
  • “The ability to compose and play music like Johann Christian Bach.” – Kathleen Connally
  • “The ability to be a human jukebox on the piano.” – Aaron Johnson
  • “To be able to be fluent in Spanish, German, Japanese and French amongst other languages.” – Ben Willmore
  • “That’s easy: something athletic. Maybe the ability to play baseball; any position. But I’m too old for that now anyway. So an athletic talent for a 55 year old guy: maybe ping pong.” – Dave Beckerman
  • “The ability to complete surveys a little more easily!” – Andy Smith
  • “I’d love to be able to play an instrument well – piano, harp or hammer dulcimer. (But I don’t have the discipline to practice.)” – Jason D. Moore
  • “To sing and play like Sting or Bob Marley or Ray Charles. How cool would it be to perform in front of thousands of people and have them sing along with you. Great singers have a gift for making the world happy.” – Doug Stremel
  • “I would love it if making music came easier to me and I had started earlier.  There are few joys in life that are better than making music with other people , it is such a synergistic experience.” – Stephen Waterfall
  • “Play guitar with out so much effort.” – Mike Palmer
  • “Playing a musical instrument – Banjo, Guitar, or Piano – but not all three.” – David Ziser
  • “I would LOVE to be able to sing. (my husband would love that too.)” – Jennifer Farley
  • “Wish I could sing…” – Derrick Story
  • “Singing” – Terry White
  • “Being made of liquid metal (mimetic poly-alloy).” – John Nack
  • “I would love to be more creative. Creativity is something that is difficult to obtain. Once you think you have it, poof! Gone. Sometimes I like to think that I am a creative person, but other times I realize that I am more innovative than creative.” – Andy Biggs
  • “Authenticity.” – Chris Orwig
  • “Teleportation” – Tom Moore
  • “I always thought it would be really cool to play an instrument. I was so jealous the first time I heard Scott Kelby play the keyboards. What a talented guy.” – Jeff Revell
  • “I would love to be able sing.” – Justin Seeley
  • “I still wish pokemon were real and I was the ultimate pokemon master.” – Joey Lawrence
  • “The ability to play the guitar.” – Lynda Walldez
  • “Fluency in many languages.” – David Hobby
  • “I’d love to be able to draw what I see.” – Matt Kloskowski
  • “Multi-lingual” – Mike McHugh
  • “To be able to play classical guitar.” – Clayton Spangler
  • “Ability to photograph people without getting all nervous and shy.” – Amy Archer
  • “This seems a popular choice, but speaking foreign languages. Because English is widely spoken around the world, we Brits are so lazy when it comes to languages. Wherever we go, we just expect everyone to speak English.” – Mike Holley
  • “Two things I can’t decide between: I wish I could play the piano and I’d like to be fluent in sign language.” – Dave Cross
  • “Fluency in ALL languages.” – Eduardo Angel & Timothy Campbell
  • “To play a musical instrument well….I have been a drummer, a poor banjo and fiddle player, lousy at guitar and even worse at the harmonica and flute! Being talented at any of the aforementioned would be welcomed!” – Jim Larimer
  • “I guess it would be cool to be able to make a living of playing poker or something like that. ” – Martin Andreasen
  • “I’d like to be able to fly. Is that a talent? Maybe that’s an ability…” – Michael Snell
  • “Be able to play music…” – Richard Vanek
  • “I would love to speak a few foreign languages.” – Scott Kelby
  • “I would like to be able to speak numerous languages fluently.” – Bruce L. Snell

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