Profile Reflections #12

From Inside the Actor’s Studio:

What turns you on?/What turns you off?
This question can, and is, interpreted in many different ways. It is one of those questions that is broad enough that it can encompass what turns you on/off creatively, physically, in life, you name it. So, in case you ever wanted to know – and even if you didn’t, cause you’re getting it anyway – here’s what turns us on and off.

  • “The sensation of taste. Especially amazing, new tastes./Right-wing radio” – Doug Stremel
  • “Any spectacular natural location with a good sunrise or sunset./Conformity and the business as usual lifestyle.” – Stephen Waterfall
  • “Creativity/Envy” – Mike Palmer
  • “Seeing someone being the best they can be./Seeing a person’s God-given gifts being wasted.” – David Ziser
  • “Competence (and back rubs)/Vanity” – Jennifer Farley
  • “Curves/Moody” – Derrick Story
  • “Intelligent People/Racism” – Terry White
  • “Possibility/Pomposity” – John Nack
  • “Working with a new electronic gadget/Gadgets that don’t work.” – Andy Biggs
  • “Life” – Chris Orwig
  • “People who go above and beyond to make things work…/People who don’t even try…” – Tom Moore
  • “Planning a photo excursion. My trip to Cambodia last year was unbelievable./People that whine.” – Jeff Revell
  • “Intelligence/Bigotry” – Justin Seeley
  • “A very talented chick./When girls type “lolz” on messenger chats. Laugh out loud… zebra? What the hell?” – Joey Lawrence
  • “A bold and sharp appearance/A soft and faded appearance” – Lynda Walldez
  • “Travel/Constricted Thinking” – David Hobby
  • “See answer to “What piece of equipment would you most like to get but don’t have?” above. (Nikon AF-S 400mm f/2.8)/Smoking” – Matt Kloskowski
  • “My Wife/Quark Express” – Mike McHugh
  • “My Wife/Inconsiderate People” – Clayton Spangler
  • “Roads/Arrogance” – Amy Archer
  • “Anything that is challenging and difficult to do./Dishonesty” – Mike Holley
  • “Being surrounded by creative people/People who couldn’t care less” – Dave Cross
  • “Airports. There’s something really sexy about women on the go./Antiseptic smells” – Eduardo Angel & Timothy Campbell
  • “Creating/Closed Mindedness” – Jim Larimer
  • “Curves/The smell of onions” – Martin Andreasen
  • “A cold beer on a warm veranda overlooking something scenic./Anger” – Michael Snell
  • “My Wife/Lie and Masquerade from people.” – Richard Vanek
  • “Fixing or tweaking something that I think is broken./Things that are broken (I’m not talking about appliances—I’m talking about processes, or businesses, or Web sites, etc.)” – Scott Kelby
  • “Creativity/People with closed minds” – Bruce L. Snell
  • “Kindness/Blind Obedience” – Paul Politis
  • “Exuberant people./Apathetic people.” – Kathleen Connally
  • “My Wife/Email Forwards” – Aaron Johnson
  • “Outercourse/Closed minded people who won’t shut up. I wouldn’t mind talking with them if they were at all open to changing their opinions. But it becomes a complete monologue instead of a dialog when all they do is spout their opinions without any interest in understanding the views of the person they are speaking with.” – Ben Willmore
  • “Sexy Women/Too many commercials during baseball games. Too damned many.” – Dave Beckerman
  • “A pleasant smile./Acceptance of mediocrity.” – Andy Smith
  • “Being with people who think creatively./Closed-Mindedness” – Jason D. Moore

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