Profile Reflections #13

From Inside the Actor’s Studio:

What sound or noise do you love?/What sound or noise do  you hate?

  • “Music, it’s the closest thing to paradise I can experience with my ears./That sound of water in your ear.” – Joey Lawrence
  • “Running Water/Silence” – Justin Seeley
  • “The sound of my children laughing./My alarm clock in the morning (unless it’s waking me to go fish or shoot a sunrise).” – Jeff Revell
  • “Sailing at night (Ocean, Wind, Waves)/Glass Breaking” – Tom Moore
  • “My daughters’ laughter” – Chris Oriwig
  • “The sounds of the African bush./Traffic Noise” – Andy Biggs
  • “I love steel guitar. And I smile when hearing just about any native instrument (steel drum, Peruvian flute, sitar, etc.) made to play The Godfather Waltz on a subway platform./The drone of meetings, and the bitching of suckaz.” – John Nack
  • “Silence/Crickets” – Terry White
  • “Love to hear the sound of coffee brewing (the smell is not too bad too)/Smacking lips and loud eating sounds.” – Derrick Story
  • “A wine cork being popped open./Copper coins being rubbed together.” – Jennifer Farley
  • “Falling Rain/The studio business phone ringing during holidays (i.e. Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc.)” – David Ziser
  • “My children laughing./My children in pain.” – Mike Palmer
  • “Any Handel aria./The alarm clock buzzer.” – Stephen Waterfall
  • “Cicadas singing/Chewing loudly” – Doug Stremel
  • “The rain, a soft breeze through leaves, and flowing water. My wife’s giggles./Alarm clocks, off-key music, persistent yet intermittent noises (i.e. – squeaks, barking, wood chippers, etc.).” – Jason D. Moore
  • “A child’s giggle./A person whining.” – Andy Smith
  • My cat, purring./My neighbor doing singing exercises; she can make my teeth rattle.” – Dave Beckerman
  • “The sounds of nature (wind, rain, the surf, etc.)./Domesticated dogs barking on an otherwise quiet night.” – Ben Willmore
  • “The intro to Weezer’s “Say It Ain’t So”./Bad bagpipes.” – Aaron Johnson
  • “Italian loafers walking on cobblestones./Bulldozers taking out trees.” – Kathleen Connally
  • “The sound of light rain outside my window./The voice of a telemarketer on the phone.” – Paul Politis
  • “Laughing children./Screaming children.” – Bruce L. Snell
  • “I absolutely love the sound of my wife’s voice, my son’s voice, and my daughter’s voice. It is just music to my ears./The sound of an alarm clock.” – Scott Kelby
  • “Breeze in the trees./Door clapping.” – Richard Vanek
  • “The sound of my car starting on a cold, dark, lonely road after I’ve stopped to take a photo./The sound of my car not starting.” – Michael Snell
  • “My cat purring/Fingernails on a blackboard” – Martin Andreasen
  • “Mountain streams/Traffic” – Jim Larimer
  • “Cork coming out of the wine bottle./Zydeco music.” – Eduardo Angel & Timothy Campbell
  • “My childrens’ laughter, my wife’s voice./Dentist’s drill.” – Dave Cross
  • “A few possible answers here… one sound I do like is waves breaking over rocks./Personalised mobile phone ring tones.” – Mike Holley
  • “Cat purrs/Nose blowing” – Amy Archer
  • “The wind blowing/People yelling at each other.” – Clayton Spangler
  • “Spanish Guitar/Crazy Frog Ring tone” – Mike McHugh
  • “The sound of cheering when your number rolls at the Craps table./The sighs around the Craps table when some one craps out.” – Matt Kloskowski
  • “My kids’ singing./An alarm clock.” – David Hobby
  • “The rain/Helicopters” – Lynda Walldez

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