Book Review: The Digital Photography Book V.2

digital-photo-book2.jpgBack in mid-December, Friend-of-the-Blog Scott Kelby opened the comments on his blog to his readers for some help in developing the introduction to his latest book, The Digital Photography Book, Volume 2. I was one of the lucky ones to garner a free copy for my suggestion to create supplemental videos to offer another avenue for readers to absorb the outstanding information contained in the new book.

Volume 2 is  the continuation, not rewriting, of Scott’s hit The Digital Photography BookMy review of the first volume, and the subsequent mention on Scott’s blog, gave my blog and the blogroll it’s first major boost.

Like Volume 1, in part two Scott takes us along with him on a shoot. Without a lot of “tech-talk” we’re treated to the plain-spoken “when you’re faced with this situation, do this” style we’ve come to expect from Scott’s work.

Each page is filled with great images, befores and afters of the techniques described, the settings to dial in, and ideas for how to become a more creative photographer – all punctuated by humor that is signature Kelby. With one concept per page, this book is bursting at the bindings with insights and tips to help you become the best photographer you can be.

Scott’s wide circle of “photo friends” – including David Ziser, Joe McNally, Bill Fortney, Monte Zucker, David Hobby, and others – add to the depth and breadth of an already wide-reaching book. One of the great things about Scott’s work is that he gets excited about new tips and techniques. He goes to the source to get the best information and eagerly passes it along to those of us that can use a little help along our photographic journeys. And then he directs you to the “tell me all about it” resources s0 you can go to take this “show me how to do it” book, and your photography even further.

Topics covered in the book include using a flash, setting up a studio, shooting portraits, landscapes, weddings, travel and macro like the pros followed by some more universal tips for getting “the shot” as well as some case studies to bring the concepts home.

Scott knows that his readers represent the range of shooters from the person who just got their first point and shoot for Christmas on up to a working pro who wants to learn the tricks to get even better. By laying out his recommendations based on your budget and explaining things in a user-friendly way, Scott makes it easier than ever before to elevate your skills to the next level.

No more do you have to struggle through books about photographic theory before becoming a photographer rather than someone who takes pictures. With this book, you can jump right in and learn the hows first and start taking great photos.

Pick up your copy today! (And don’t forget to grab Volume 1 too!)

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