P&P Weekly: #72

Welcome to Week #72 of The P&P Weekly!

UPDATE: My apologies, apparently the links weren’t working properly and I didn’t have a chance to check on it until this evening. They are updated now and should be working fine.

As I mentioned last week, I am currently recovering from working out of town for the past 5 days and I’ve asked a couple of our members to fill in and give you the rundown of what’s been happening this week on The Photoshop & Photography Blogroll.

On a personal note, thank you to everyone who has shared their thoughts and prayers at the loss of my grandmother. It’s been tough with so many distractions and obligations to really process it quite yet, but it’s meant a lot to see those signs of support from this community of ours. Thank you.

Now, on with the list! Andy Smith of Visual Realia covers the first half of the list over on his blog while Jason Anderson of Canon Blogger shares his take on the second half. Please do click over to their sites and check out this week’s edition as well as all of the other interesting aspects of their blogs. Thanks Andy and Jason for your help!

I hope to be back to my regular postings tomorrow.


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