I Want to Shoot Like…

More than just a simple “Wednesday Inspiration” post where I find a photographer I like and direct my wonderful readers to view their images, I want to let you know about an amazing piece of work.

Julieanne Kost, digital imaging evangelist for Adobe, is a tremendous photographer. Over the course of a number of years traveling on business, Julieanne was searching for a way to be creative while surrounded by the often-times bland, sterile, impersonal surroundings of airplanes, cabs, hotels, and convention centers. And thus, Window Seat was born.

The book, in three parts, is, “a manifesto of ways to stay creatively alive; a portfolio of stunning photographs, with commentaries describing her experiences and thought process; and a technical appendix that includes the details of [how] the images were shot, manipulated, and prepared for printing.”

Now, I must admit, I don’t own a copy of this book (yet) but from the images alone it is, for me, a must have. The combination of the natural and abstract, the organic and the man made, the perspective and vision of it all is what takes me from saying “those are nice shots” to “I want to shoot like that!”

Found via John Nack’s Blog, you can view a sample chapter and, if you like what you see, click here to order your copy today!

And pick one for you friendly neighborhood Photoshop & Photography blogger too… 😉

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