Another Day Later

It’s been another busy weekend with about 600+ high school students. This weekend was especially tough because of a couple of scheduling… issues. We usually require a full day to setup an event of this size and we found out the day before that we’d only have 6 hours. Then, to top off an already exhausting few days, we find that the convention center overbooked the space and we had to be out of the room – with our crew of 3 – in 2 hours.

So, I’ll have P&P Weekly #74¬†ready for tomorrow.

In the meantime, stop on over to Friend-of-the-Blog, and Project Manager for Photoshop at Adobe, John Nack’s blog to find out how to tune¬†Photoshop. And be sure to come back tomorrow for another round of my review of what our members have been posting.

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