Thursday Inspiration: Vincent Versace

I’d heard his praises on Photoshop User TV time and again and caught a few minutes of one of his tech expo classes at Photoshop World in Boston in 2005. But it wasn’t until I saw his work and heard his passionate narrative at Photoshop World Boston’s Art of Digital Photography panel last year that I was a believer.

Vincent Versace is just plain amazing. His eye for creating compelling, dramatic images makes me want to be a better photographer. Not only are his images well composed and well lit, they tell a story and evoke an emotional response at the shear beauty he captures.

After listening to him speak and viewing his photography I went right down to the tech expo and picked up a copy of his book Welcome to Oz: A Cinematic Approach to Digial Still Photography Using Photoshop. This isn’t your ordinary, everyday Photoshop book. Rather than just showing you techniques for making your images better, Vincent walks you through his process and helps you to understand why you should make certain choices. You don’t just learn how to do it, you learn how to look at images in a different way.

It’s a little more on the more ponderous, philosophical side of things as he explains how the eyes move around an image and how to process your images to direct the viewer’s gaze. He takes us step-by-step from raw file to finished product so that you aren’t just able to create the same result he did, but you’ll develop a workflow that will help you approach your photos in a more complete way.

Check out Vincent Versace’s website for more information and a tremendous gallery of his images. And be sure to pick up a copy of his book, Welcome to Oz through my Amazon store.


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