Adobe User Group Questions

Is anyone a member of a local chapter of an Adobe User Group? Community or Online? I am now the manager of the Upstate Photoshop User Group (NY).

I’m looking into all the info on Adobe’s website but would be interested in any first-hand insights from members and/or managers of other Adobe User Groups out there (regardless of program).

  • What are your responsibilities as manager?
  • How much time do you put in?
  • What activities do you do?
  • Do you have dues? How much?
  • Where do you find your speakers? What have they talked about in the past?
  • What did you wish you had known before you started?

Send me an email [jason (at) upstatephotoshopusers (dot) com] or comment if:

  • you are part of, or manage, an Adobe User Group, or
  • you live in Upstate NY and are interested in being a member – currently centered in the Syracuse area.

The website, will be initially up and running soon as we develop the group. So check back for more information and meeting times.

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