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First off, Happy 32nd Engagement Anniversary to my parents!

The number of photowalks that are now a part of Friend-of-the-Blog Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photowalk has just exploded with new locations being added everyday.

Some of our very own members will be leading photowalks as part of this unique experience including:

I’ve got a great route and ending restaurant all set thanks to Friend-of-the-Blog Eric Saar.

A number of photowalks are filling up fast so be sure to sign up soon or start one in your area!

  • Mike Holley

    Hi Jason,

    Good to see so many folks getting involved. Frustratingly I’m travelling on business that day and can’t take part, unless I do a photowalk aboard a 747… It would have been a good event to get me back into things.

    Anyway, 1 September is the date for my return. The countdown has begun…


    August 4, 2008 at 7:57 am

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