Book Review: The Adobe Photoshop CS3 Book for Digital Photographers

Scott Kelby’s The Adobe Photoshop CS3 Book for Digital Photographers is one of the best resources for the photo hobbyist all the way up to the working pro. Each page is filled with great tips, step-by-step tutorials, and Scott’s signature wit as he walks you through virtually everything you need to know to orgranize, process, and output your images.

After all your work is done in-camera, Scott takes you from getting your images off the memory card and into the Adobe Bridge. There you learn how to customize your view, rename, rate and sort your shots, and even work with the files’ metadata.

The next step is always opening your images and doing the initial processing in Adobe Camera Raw. Scott makes stops in each of the panels and shows you how each slider and option can be used to enhance your photos and make your raw, tiff, or jpeg files shine.

Next we start talking about the sizes and shapes of our images as well as some automation of these tasks. Once the size and shape is determined, it’s time to start thinking about color: starting with monitor calibration and moving through color corrections and black and white conversions and the various means of attaining the “best” final images.

Once the basics of color and tone are addressed, Scott moves into the more involved methods of dealing with some pervasive problems that can arise when working with digital imaging. Also, you’re shown many of the helpful techniques for retouching portraits, creating special effects and finializing your photos with sharpening.

Finally, Scott takes us through the different ways of presenting and protecting your work through watermarking. Whether it’s on the web, in a full-sized print, or in a more specialized collection of images in one, you’re given the keys to really turn your photos into something truly stunning.

In the end, Scott Kelby’s The Photoshop CS3 Book for Digital Photographers isĀ the handbook for photo editors of all stripes and should be the first resource for anyone who wants to learn the ins and outs of post-processing and general photo enhancement. Even though I am an Adobe Certified Expert in CS3, I walked away from this book with a number of tips and hints to strengthen my own work.

Definitely check it out!

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