Ok… One More

Yet one more from the photowalk. I kinda like spreading these out. As excited as I was to survey the catch of the day and process the first batch, I think it’s good to look at some of these with fresher eyes too.

On a note unrelated to the photowalk or the shot above, but relevant to what’s been happening out there in the Photoshop universe, Adobe just announced CS4 today and the internet has been a-buzz with excitement over it. From what I’ve seen there are some really cool things going on with the latest versions and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

Though it will be some time before I’ll get it, I was checking out the Adobe store to see how much it would set me back. I found that I’ve got some cool things going for me that will save me 45%! First off, I have CS3 Design Premium, so the upgrade to CS4 is $599 (preorder). If I upgrade to Lightroom 2 at the same time, I can get 30% off. And with my NAPP member discount I save an additional 15%. That brings the cost for the whole package to under $570 or so!

So, if you’re a NAPP member, definitely reserve your copy now and take advantage of the great savings. If you’re not, become a NAPP member now!¬†You will save the cost of your membership – or close to it – when you shop for the latest software package.

  • Excellent work Jason. I like how you’ve turned an everyday scene into an interesting subject.

    $570… good value but LR2 has sealed it for me. I upgraded to LR2 and quickly came to the conclusion that I’ll never need to use Photoshop.

    September 24, 2008 at 4:06 pm

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