Geographic Composition: Call for Entries

No, this isn’t the next installment of  Geographic Composition. That will come next Wednesday when my fellow contributors and I will be posting with the theme “models.”

This post is to deliver an open invitation to all of my readers to join us in our semimonthly display of images centered around a common theme.

Some background, the Geographic Composition project has been going on for over a year, now, where members from around the world are given a common topic or theme to interpret as they please. Take the next one, for instance: “models.” This can be read as a model – like a person who is modeling for you – or a model – like a model that you put together – or a model – like a role model – or a model – like a sample. Or any countless possibilities. It’s up to the contributor to decide how best to express the given idea.

A particular consideration, given our wide geographical dispersion, is to see how the culture/location/situation in which we live informs our images. Though not a requirement, it adds a certain depth and interest to the collection of photos when shots highlight something distinctive to their environment.

While contributors are open to interpret the theme in any way, I do reserve the right to filter them for appropriateness and relevance to the topic. It’s nothing personal, I just want to try and stay true to the spirit of the project. I hope you understand.

Photos may be processed as little or as much as the photographer feels is necessary, using any software they wish. However, since this is a photographic project, I would assume that submissions would at least start off as photographs and aren’t entirely created on the computer.

Submissions are then emailed as attachments to me (800px on the longest side @72ppi, optimized for the web, if possible, to save on file size) a couple of days before the scheduled posting date along with a title, photographer name and blog/website link, and photographer’s location. I put them up in a fairly random order to post.

I usually post the next couple of themes in a forum hosted by one of our long-standing contributors (thanks Mike!) which I will continue to do for our regulars. However, starting with our next edition, I will begin posting the next two themes at the bottom of the Geographic Composition posts and in the P&P Weekly so any newcomers will have the opportunity to jump in whenever they can.

There is no long term commitment here. If you want to post only when you have time or when a particular theme speaks to you, by all means. I would just like to open it up to everyone out there who has enjoyed the past 38 editions and always wondered how they could get involved.

So, if you’d like to join us, our next posting is coming up soon (Wednesday, October 15th) so get your images to me by Tuesday morning at the latest for inclusion! Week #40 will be on Friday October 31st with the theme “autumn” so be on the lookout for shots for that one too!

I do hope you will consider joining us in the project and I look forward to seeing your shots!

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