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This past weekend Kim and I fulfilled a promise we made to ourselves over the summer. We don’t splurge too often but since we both worked so hard these past few months with our new jobs and the transition as a whole, we thought that this was the time to treat ourselves to a pair of new iPhones.

So far, we really love them! First and foremost, it’s a nice phone with good signal strength, a solid speaker phone, and ease of dialing. It’s got a clean, sleak look and feel all around and I love the smooth functionality of the apps.

It’s just plain cool! I’m not really a gadget freak or anything, but since we first started using them we can’t put them down. (We can, and do, actually put them down, we’re not addicted or anything.)

Of the many, many apps available is one for WordPress and I’m using it right now to write and publish this post. I’m still getting used to typing on this thing but figured this would be good practice.

When I get the chance, I’ll take a few shots with the camera and see how they turn out.

Until next time…

  • Welcome to the club. 😉

    I’ve had mine for almost a year now, and feel it’s been a great investment.

    October 14, 2008 at 8:01 am

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