One of the First Shots Out of Lightroom 2.1

Below is a before and after of a shot from Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photowalk in Binghamton, NY. One of the new features of Lightroom 2 that I utilized quite a bit, and have grown to really love, is the new adjustment brush which allows you to selectively apply various adjustments – either separately or in combination – to a section of your photo, giving you even more control without having to jump over to Photoshop. Here, I applied significant clarity and contrast with a number of passes of the adjustment brush, especially to the door, to get that worn, and almost HDR-like, effect.

I also used the post-crop vignetting feature, which was high on my wishlist for tools to be improved in the new version after coming across some issues with how LR1 handled it. I really like how we can now not only control the amount and midpoint but also the roundness and the amount of feathering to dial in just the right amount of the effect for just the right look.

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