Another Product of LR2

This was actually my first attempt at processing a photo in Lightroom 2 over the weekend (again, with a before and after). Using the adjustment brush on the glass in the door made all the difference, I think and having the fine control of the vignette really allowed me to pull the viewer in a way I couldn’t do as well before – even while the sign directs visitors to go elsewhere!

One of the things I’m getting started with now that I am breaking in this new version, is my photo organization. I have been pretty good over the past couple of years as I’ve imported and filed away my images but felt like it was time I took a more deliberate approach to the task. So I am currently going through and sorting, categorizing, keywording, and deleting lesser photos. Like many other photographers, especially digital shooters, I take at least 3-4 shots of a subject at a given angle/composition – even when using a tripod – just to be sure that I’ll get at least one that is just the way I want it. That leaves me with A LOT of extra shots once I’ve got my keeper. I haven’t always been great at dumping the others even though I know I’ll never use them. So that’s been one of my jobs over the past few days, and will be for a bit longer.

Keywording is another story. I’ve never been very good at keeping up with it, more than the initial application during import anyway. So I’ll have to do some serious tagging once I get the initial organization done.

But enough talk about how far behind I am in my important photo housekeeping. Here are the two shots, also taken at Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photowalk in Binghamton, NY. Enjoy!

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