Versailles Window Latch

One of the great things about getting a new piece of software, like Lightroom 2, is that you find a new energy about your work. At least I do. As I wrote about the other day, I’ve begun sorting through my photos and finding the best version of a particular shot and deleting the lesser duplicates. As I go, I often ask myself, “What was I thinking with this one?” and sometimes I come across a little gem that I had either forgotten about or hadn’t considered.

Such was the case with the shot above, taken towards the end of our time at Versailles. We stopped to rest for a moment and look out over one of the courtyards. If you ever visit, you will quickly observe the thousands upon thousands of little details spread throughout the palace. Such care was taken to make even the smallest piece fit into the grand scheme.

One of the things I like about this image is the contrast of how at once you see the fine ornamentation of something so basic and functional as a window latch while at the same time you see the dirt and cracked finish of years of use and curious tourists longing to come into direct contact with history.


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