P&P Weekly: #104

Welcome to edition #104 of The Photoshop & Photography Blogroll’s P&P Weekly!

Apologies once again for being late with last week’s P&P Weekly. Instead of seeing this as a late edition, I like to look at is as a “special bonus holiday edition” – or something more festive than “late.” If it really upsets you that it’s late, I mean REALLY upsets you, we’ll call this the “Festivus Edition” and you can use the comments section as the forum for the annual “Airing of Grievances” – just don’t for get to bring your pole!

It’s been an exciting week here at the blog. After an unexpected email from one of our fellow members at just the right time a number of ideas for where to take the blog in the New Year sprang into my mind and it’s been a flurry of activity at “P&P Central” ever since.

I know I’ve been throwing out teasers for awhile now about what’s coming but you won’t have to wait much longer. The first of, count ’em, six new features/series will be on Wednesday following tomorrow’s regular installment of The P&P Weekly.

Until then, just sit back, relax, and read on!

The Geographic Composition series is now open to anyone who would like to contribute. A special welcome to our newest participants! And I hope some of you are inspired to join us next time. Our upcoming themes – and their posting dates – are:

  • Week #44 – January 2: “Moving Parts”
  • Week #45 – January 16: “Green”

More details about Geographic Composition.

In the meantime…

Click here to become a member of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals. A great resource for training, tips, and connecting with other creatives.

And as always, take a moment to grab one of the chicklet links to show your support for this blog and, for blogroll members, be sure to pick up your P&P Blogroll Member badge link.

Finally, here are some of my favorites from what’s been happening in the bottom half (L-W) of The Photoshop & Photography Blogroll:

Please be sure to visit the great blogs of our other members found in the sidebar. And if you would like to be considered for The Photoshop & Photography Blogroll, email Jason.

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