New for 2009: Monthly Photo Contests!

That’s right! Starting in January, Jason D. Moore Photography will be hosting a monthly photo contest for our readers. Beginning on the first day of the month and continuing thru the last day of the month there will be an open call for entries. There is no theme, no requirements for how much processing is allowed, and no restrictions on who can enter.

Here’s the rundown:

  • Theme:
    • Like I said above, there is no theme. You choose your subject. It can be anything you want.
    • However, please use common sense when submitting your photos. I don’t think I have to spell out what types of images are unacceptable here, we all know what we’re talking about.
    • Any images that I feel are inappropriate will be deleted from the group pool and I will ask that the entrant refrain from taking part in the future.
  • Who?:
    • Anyone can enter! This is an open contest and we welcome submissions from amateurs to professionals.
  • Post-Processing:
    • While this is a photography contest, feel free to process your photo as much as you like.
  • Entries:
    • Photos don’t need to be taken during the contest period but they must be uploaded to Our Contest Flickr Group between the first and last days of a given contest month in order to be considered.
    • Photos submitted for one month’s contest will only be considered for that month’s contest. There’s no rollover.
    • Each person may submit up to 3 entries per monthly contest.
  • Judging:
    • On or after the last day of the contest I will review the submissions and announce the winner here on the blog as well as any honorable mentions.
    • I am the sole judge for the contest and will select the photo that I feel is the best all-around image of the month. I don’t have a set criteria for judging, but I look for composition, overall photographic skill, and whether or not the image is compelling (tells a story, moves me, has that extra “something”).
  • Prizes:
    • The prizes will vary from month to month from B&H Gift Cards to personal prints and more.
    • I’m also going to be contacting some photo-related companies to see if I can get anyone to sponsor prizes too.
    • If you have any ideas or suggestions for prizes, please leave a comment or email me!
  • What to do if you win:
    • If your photo is chosen as the winner of the contest, please contact me via email to claim your prize and we’ll make arrangements from there.

Prizes For January 2009:

  • Adobe “Photoshop Icon” Long Sleeve Tee – L or XL
    (Embroidered “Ps” logo on a dark blue shirt with navy collar and sleeves)
  • Adobe Logo Pen
    (Blue, with black ink)
  • Adobe “Illustrator Icon” Stickers

Remember to upload your photos to Our Contest Flickr Group by January 31st to be considered!


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