Artist Highlight: Pepper Ink

I know this is mostly a Photoshop, photography, and blog community and that most sites that I highlight are more photographic in nature. But I will be the first to say how inspiration and talent can come from any source. This week’s site highlight comes from a talented artist that I am lucky enough to work with every day, illustrator Eric Maruscak.

Eric is an amazing graphic artist, illustrator, and cartoonist who has been making a real name for himself as “The Chalk Guy” at a number of comic book and anime conventions as well as art festivals and streets and sidewalks around the Binghamton area. Most recently, Eric was down in NYC at the New York Comic Con 09 creating a large-scale (9’x16′ I think he said?) chalk┬ámural as part of the DC Comics and Warner Bros. launch of The Watchmen this spring.

It is fun to watch him work and to witness his execution of such unique and creative works, whether on a wrestling singlet, large rolls of paper, or on a computer screen. What a talent. And I look forward to seeing what he’ll come up with next!

Check him out for art with a little extra flavor.


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