Geographic Composition #49: Wood

Welcome to week forty-nine of Geographic Composition! For each edition of the project a number of my fellow photobloggers and I will submit an image based on a common theme from our scattered locations around the world. Even though the theme is the same, our own vision and view of the world when coupled with the geographic and cultural environment in which we live will shape the images we create and offer a varied interpretation on the topic of the week.

This week, our theme is “Wood.”

Our next theme/date is:

  • Week #50 – March 27: Contributor’s Favorites
    For this week I am asking any and all contributors who have participated at any level to let me know which of their photos is their favorite submission to Geographic Composition – or perhaps what they feel is their best shot from the series – and the post will serve as a “best of” retrospective of this little photo project of ours.

On that thought, I would also like to take a moment to announce that #50 will be the final week of the Geographic Composition project. It has been a joy to host this project these past 50 editions, spanning nearly 20 months. For me, it has been a great exercise to get me shooting and flexing my creativity, especially when it wasn’t as easy to do so. I want to personally thank everyone who has contributed and for the friendships that have grown out of this project.

New projects are on the horizon which I will be announcing following the official close of Geographic Composition in two weeks. So be on the lookout for those coming soon!

In the meantime, enjoy the latest submissions for the theme “wood”  and please take a moment to view our participants’ blogs.

Thanks, and Enjoy!

Fenced In - Andy Smith

“Fenced In”
Tritone photograph, Eisenhower Farm, Gettysburg, PA
Andy Smith – Hanover, PA

Celtic Candle - Jason D. Moore

“Celtic Candle”
Jason D. Moore – Endicott, NY

Door Detail - Beau A.C. Harbin

“Door Detail”
Beau A.C. Harbin – Cortland, NY

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