March Contest Reminder

That’s right everyone! With only a week to go in the month of March you only have a few more days to enter your shots in our Monthly Photo Contest! Visit our Photo Contest page for complete rules for entering for your chance to win this month’s prize: an 8×10 print of one of my shots (your choice).

If you haven’t gotten your fill of photo contests, and are looking for more, please take a few minutes to stop by our contest sponsor: Competico offers the world’s leading online photography competitions with new opportunities opening up all the time. Sign Up Today!

Other reminders to send out, if you’re on Facebook, be sure to look me up and become a friend! Also, this Friday marks the final edition of Geographic Composition. If you’ve ever contributed to this series please send in (or let me know) your favorite submission from the past 50 editions so I may include it in this week’s posting. If you’ve never participated and would still like to, simply send in your favorite shot along with you name, the title of the photo, your website/blog URL, and your location.

Finally, I’ve just started using Twitter. I’m still getting acquainted with it and have only a few Tweets under my belt, but if you’d like to follow what I’m up to, look me up! My user name is “JasonDMoore”.

Happy Tuesday!

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