Photo Review: Sangeeth V.S.

Photo Review - Sangeeth V.S.

Today we welcome photo hobbyist Sangeeth V.S. for our latest photo review. First off, as always, some background on the image from the photographer:

I’m a photography hobbyist. My interest in photography grew after I started posting photos in Flickr… My camera is a P&S – Canon Powershot S2 IS… I had visualized such a sunset and I almost captured what I had in mind. But I’m not satisfied with the area around the sun. Not sure what it is but I somehow get the feeling that it’s not right. Or is it how the sun looks like?

Let’s start with the positives. I think the framing and overall composition shows attention to detail and everything holds together quite well. The horizon is on (or close to) the lower third line and the sun and center of the boat are on or close to the right-hand third line which helps give the image a nice balanced feel.

I’m always a big fan of sun rays, both in photographs and in reality and I think they really add something to an image. Here, they’re subtle but I think they work by introducing the “dynamic diagonals” that really contribute to the interest of a piece. They also serve to direct the viewers eye from the outside edges and the top down towards the sun and boat.

I also like the highlighted edges of the clouds and think that they, too, act as a guide for the viewer as they move through the image. They aren’t too distracting because they are a similar color to the rest of the sky but the highlights make them pop and tie things together nicely.

I think the overall color works for the shot and there is enough variation to keep it from looking too flat.

A couple of thoughts about how to improve the image. First off, with regards to the concerns about the area around the sun, it looks to me that it is either just how your camera captured the image or the result of your processing, or a little of both. The sun is pretty difficult to shoot in almost any situation because it is just this overwhelming light source that is difficult, if not impossible to tame when it’s in the frame. To fix the issue, I think a little cloning over the problem areas would work, but you’d want to make sure that you still keep those areas a little brighter – even as a  gradient to blend it with the surrounding sky – so it doesn’t look too processed.

It’s a little thing, but I would probably clone out the dark cloud in the sky, the boats along the horizon, and the dark object along the bottom edge so the viewer isn’t taken away from the main subject.

The last thing I would suggest would be to lighten the water a tad so the boat is a little more noticeable. I know you’re going for a more silhouetted look, but you don’t want to lose the boat. But you don’t want to lose the effect either. You just need a tiny bit of adjustment to find that balance.

All in all, I like the image and there are a lot of really good things at work here. Thanks for the submission, Sangeeth!

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  • Thats a great image Sangeeth – especially for a P&S camera. The modern P&Ss are producing some excellent results.

    April 9, 2009 at 3:54 am

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