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Jason D. Moore - Ithaca Photowalk

It’s been a crazy week around here which has made it tough to keep up  with quality posts everyday. Kim has come down with strep throat just as her students’ art show is coming into full swing. I’ve been doing what I can to help out and get things finished as best I can and try to nurse her back to health.

To make up for it a tad, here is another one of my shots from the Ithaca Photowalk a few weeks ago. It’s another angle on a subject I posted an image of before (below). I’m not sure which one I like the best but I really like how the processing turned out with the color and tone and I’m turning into a fan of the rounded corners as part of the post-crop vignetting options. (Both shots processed entirely in Lightroom 2).

In the meantime, since today was when I was planning on posting the latest P&P Weekly, I’ll simply invite you to visit the Photoshop & Photography Blogroll and peruse our member sites to see some of the great things they’ve been up to lately.

Ithaca Photowalk

  • Beau Harbin

    Hi Jason. Very nice image . I will get some posted too but I have been slammed since the walk. I am looking forward to the next walk. Give my best to Kim and happy homeownership.

    May 7, 2009 at 6:09 am

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