Post #950! And the BIG Photo Contest!

I like to celebrate even the small milestones in life. And so it is today with my 950th blog post. I never want to forget all of the readers out there and those who have taken the time to comment and contribute to the life of the blog over the years. And a very special thank you to everyone who has been such a huge support by linking back, talking me up, sponsoring, guest posting, participating in projects, and just being great Friends-of-the-Blog. It really means a lot and you all have helped make this little corner of the web what it is, whatever role you play.

Thank You!

950 is a nice round number, and certainly a laudable goal in its own right, but it means that the next big milestone is a really big one. One that can’t be passed by with a casual mention on a single day. So, it’s not going to be…

Jason D. Moore Photography - 1000th Post BIG Photo Contest

I am excited to announce today that between now and July 31st I am putting out a call for entries into my Biggest Photo Contest yet!

Here’s how it’s going to work:

  • Collect 5 of your own images that depict each of the following (in any order): 
    – Aged, Worn, or Old
    – Travel or a Journey
    – Part of a Whole
    – Geometric
    – Your Best/Favorite Shot Ever
  • These can be new images or photos from your archives, but they have to be YOURS (with the Worldwide Photowalk coming up you should be able to gather some really great images.)
  • Images can be processed or otherwise manipulated as much or as little as you deem necessary.
  • Submit your images by July 31st to The BIG Photo Contest Flickr Group  with a note in the title or description about which category each image falls into.
  • This is an open contest. Anyone can enter.
  • The images will be judged as a group based on:
    – Overall Artistry
    – Originality
    – Composition
    – How well each image fits the categories
  • The winner will be announced in Post #1,000 which is scheduled to appear in early-mid August.
  • The prize package is still in the works, but I can assure you that it will be bigger than any prize we’ve given away to date in any of our contests. Come back regularly for updates!
  • That’s it!

The race to #1,000 is on! Good Luck!

NOTE: If you would like to donate or sponsor a prize for The BIG Photo Contest, please email me at TODAY!

UPDATE: Our prize package is growing and now includes prizes from our official sponsors:


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