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I was going to save this one for next week but as I was reading I decided to pass it along today.

NAPP Executive Director and all-around great guy, Larry Becker (interviewed here), has recently joined the blogosphere with his new blog Phaim (fāme). In his own words:

Phaim is my strange play on a combination of a few words like photography, Photoshop, smartphones and the word “aim,” as in ‘what you aim for.’ Actually it’s about photographic goals, and the business of photography, freelance, and smartphones, but “phoals” or “phisness” just doesn’t sound as clever.

As I was browsing around his site my attention was caught by a recent post about Nikon SB-600 Speedlights. In it, Larry gives a great rundown of the pros and cons of the SB-600 as it compares with the newer models that have become a staple for the pros. I, myself, am fairly new when it comes to off-camera flash and picked up an SB-600 with the rewards points from my credit card and have been extremely pleased with the results.

And I agree with Larry that for the cost you probably can’t find a better flash unit, especially if you’re just starting out and want to learn the art of light.

The blog isn’t all about Photoshop and photography, though. Larry will also be dedicating posts to various gadgets and tech topics as well as some great stuff on small business marketing.

So, even if you’re not looking to add yet another blog to your list, check this one out!

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