Letting Google Know Your Photos Are Licensed

One of my coworkers was researching ways in which Google indexes images and how we might better leverage that for SEO purposes. Aside from using really good “alt” tags when inserting your images to your site or making sure you have some copyright info in your metadata, one interesting thing that Google Image Search has recently implemented is a way of refining your searches to images that are licensed – using Creative Commons, etc. – or that are Public Domain, or those that are not tagged at all. It’s an extra step to add in a little piece of code to your images but it’s easy enough that even a novice with HTML can take advantage.

Instead of me trying to explain it, here is Peter Linsley, one of Google’s Product Managers (original article – “Specifying an image’s license using RDFa“):

What do you think? What do you do to help make sure your images are secure?

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